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A fully qualified aesthetician based in Lancashire


Meet Dr Mehreen

Dr Mehreen Salaheen BDS is a fully trained and fully qualified aesthetics practitioner. Having trained with the top aesthetics training academies in the UK, she has been successfully providing aesthetic treatments for several years.

As well as being a medically trained aesthetician, Dr Mehreen also works as a fully qualified dental surgeon and has been doing so for over 11 years. During this time she has taken a special interest in the field of cosmetic dentistry and this line of work led to Dr Mehreen becoming trained in aesthetics too.

Although many aesthetic treatments are non-surgical in nature, they can be invasive. Dentistry work has taught Dr Mehreen how to work delicately and in a manually dexterous manner, a skill which transfers perfectly to working in aesthetics. As the mouth is such a small and confined environment to work in, this has enabled Dr Mehreen to be adept at intricate aesthetic work on the face and neck too. 

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A wealth of experience

Dr Mehreen focuses on devising unique tailored treatment plans for all patients and clients, whether this is in the field of aesthetics or dentistry. The delivery of a treatment plan begins with an in-depth consultation, and a very detailed approach to exactly what the patient wishes to achieve. The tailored approach, and therefore the success of the multiple treatments that she has carried out, is reflective of the client's result and satisfaction. She believes that every individual has an innate beauty which can be enhanced with correct treatments.


Commonly, patients attending to see Dr Mehreen for Dentistry do suffer from dental anxiety and can often feel very nervous and anxious. Having been a dentist for over a decade, she is fully able to manage these patients, and make them feel at ease. Nervousness is also a common feeling amongst clients who wish to undertake some aesthetics treatments. Dr Mehreen is able to make our clients feel at complete ease by managing their expectations prior to undertaking any work. Topical and local anaesthetics can be used during treatments if necessary. 

Delivering results

At Face Co Aesthetics, we provide a range of aesthetic beauty treatments. We pride ourselves on providing safe and achievable treatments to male and female clients from across the Burnley area. All treatments are carried out after having a thorough consultation. We do our utmost to make sure clients feel comfortable, safe and well looked after at all times.


Dr Mehreen has trained with several large and extremely reputable training academies in London such as Derma Medical, Harley Academy and Skinviva. She strives to always improve her quality and standards by regularly improving her knowledge and attending post graduate training within the industry. This improves her knowledge and allows her to treat an even wider range of clientele to deliver customised treatment approaches.

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